Demand for cloud skills up

August 31, 2011

More than 3,000 job ads, looking for people with cloud computing skills, were placed online in July. That’s an increase of 68 percent over July 2010, according to WANTED Analytics.

Not surprisingly, Washington, D.C. was listed as one of the five cities where hiring demand for positions with cloud skills was highest. Others included Seattle, San Francisco, New York and San Jose, which topped the list.

“As companies shift IT investments to cloud-based applications, demand for these skills should continue and recruiting conditions will be moderately difficult across the U.S.,” according to a PRWeb release.

There are, on average, 10 candidates for each cloud computing job in the U.S., according to WANTED Analytics.

“It is likely that employers and staffing firms will compete heavily to source qualified candidates,” according to the release. “However, each location will experience varying degrees of difficulty. For example, Seattle’s talent pool is smaller than average, with just eight potential candidates per advertised job in July. In comparison, the talent pool in New York consists of 16 candidates per job, larger than the national average.”

Some of the jobs that listed a need for cloud computing skills: computer programmers, IT specialists, computer software engineers, computer system engineers, and web developers.