Cisco announces enhancements to cloud offerings

By 2020, 50 billion devices will be connected to the network, according to Padmasree Warrior, senior vice president of engineering and the chief technology officer at Cisco. That, of course, raises even more security issues for companies and agencies dealing with employees who would like to use those devices.

At its annual CiscoLive event held this week in Las Vegas, the company announced multiple upgrades to its cloud offerings to help customers deal with these issues.

Its Unified Computing System has expanded to include “new Fabric Interconnects, a new Virtual Interface Card and a new chassis I/O module,” according to a press release. Cisco said the improvements increase bandwidth to the chassis and the server, while “doubling the switching capacity of the data center fabric.”

It also introduced new email security features as part of its cloud security solutions to deal with the rising number of targeted attacks companies have seen more recently.

Cisco also announced advances to its WAAS product line. “The new context-aware DRE [data redundancy elimination] improves application response times and throughput by changing the DRE caching behavior on a per-application and per-branch office basis. This context-aware capability provides ‘performance fairness’ across all branches and improves the end-user experience,” Cisco said in its release.

You can watch Warrior’s keynote address from the event, see a demonstration of some of the company’s new cloud offerings, and see other discussions on the cloud, at the CiscoLive website. (Free registration is required.)

According to Cisco, more than 15,000 people attended the Las Vegas event and another 40,000 in 150 countries tuned in online.

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