Cloud to be the rule, not the exception, by 2015

Cloud will be the status quo by 2015, according to a survey of IT executives, industry analysts, and members of the media attending the 2011 Cloud Leadership Forum.

“Sixty-five percent answered yes to the prediction that the success of cloud computing will ensure its demise as a concept by 2015, meaning cloud has become a standard component of enterprise sourcing strategies; 24% said no,” according to Network Computing, which reported on the conference.

While most CIOs agreed, for the time being, most programs moved to the cloud will still be those of the non-mission critical variety, by 2015 they see this changing. A majority believed by that time “at least 30 [percent] of Fortune 1000 enterprises will deploy at least one business-critical system in the cloud.”

As for what’s coming down the road for cloud computing, 79 percent of survey respondents believed cloud service brokers “will emerge as powerful industry players by 2015.”

According to IDC Research, the use of cloud computing will also free up IT staffs to focus more on innovation within their companies in the coming years. IDC expects the amount of time CIOs currently spend on innovation to double in five years.

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