Agencies announce 78 cloud projects

The Federal CIO Council released Thursday a list of 78 cloud projects being completed by the 25 largest federal agencies.

Starting in December 2010, each agency was required to identify three projects to move to the cloud within 18 months as part of the Obama administration’s 25-Point Plan to Reform Federal IT Management.

Web hosting and email topped the list of cloud projects. Ten agencies are already using or plan to use the cloud for web hosting while 13 want to use the cloud for email.

Collaboration services, geospatial services, and capital planning software were also popular uses of the cloud amongst agencies.

The Department of Homeland Security announced its plans to move its public-facing websites to a public cloud at the Management of Change Conference earlier this month. More details about that plan were released in the CIO Council’s cloud document. DHS plans to migrate 50 percent of the websites it identified by June 2012. The agency believes this will reduce hosting costs by up to 10 percent.

Other agencies, such as the Education Department, are looking towards the private cloud. The agency said it will use a private cloud to offer infrastructure-as-a-service offerings internally. And, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said it will save $50,000 per year by moving its capital planning tool (eCPIC) to the General Services Administration’s private cloud.

In addition to hosting its website, the Office of Personnel Management says it wants to use the cloud for website analytics (measuring the number of visitors, page views, time spent on the site, and website errors).

Other cloud projects include a FOIA case management system for the Social Security Administration and a collaboration services tool for the Commerce Department’s CIO Council.

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