Public vs. private cloud – which is best for you?

It’s the debate going on in many government offices and private companies. Should you go with a public or private cloud? Which is better for your organization?

76 percent of IT decision makers in a recent Info-Tech survey say they are looking initially at private cloud options for their first go in the new arena. 33 percent say they will look only at the private cloud.

While a private cloud may seem like the best idea to get your feet wet is that the best way to go? Experts tell Network World “a better approach is to evaluate specific applications, factor in security and compliance considerations, and then decide what apps are appropriate for a private cloud, as well as what apps can immediately be shifted to the public cloud.”

John Sloan, lead analyst with Info-Tech Research Group, tells Network World he understands why some organizations may gravitate to the private cloud for security reasons but, he cautions, private clouds aren’t necessary for every company or for every bit of data.

And if you feel the need to be in a private cloud but don’t have the resources for it, there are other options out there as well, like virtual private clouds. In an interview with Network World, Brandon Gage, senior vice president of technology for United Capital Financial Partners, says using a virtual private cloud has saved his company 65-70 percent in the first year alone.

So, do your cloud homework and decide what’s best for your organization…it may not be the same as your neighbor.

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