More data center managers using cloud computing

70 percent of data center managers say they are already using or plan to use cloud computing, according to a survey by AFCOM. Of that 70 percent, 36.6 percent of respondents are already using the cloud. That’s up from 14.9 percent of managers surveyed in 2010. However, another 28 percent tell AFCOM they have no plans for the cloud at this time.

On top of that, according to, the AFCOM survey says “80 percent to 90 percent of data centers will have some form of cloud computing in the next five years.”

In a separate report, Gartner says the increased use of cloud computing is one of the factors that will lead to smaller data centers. According to the report, data centers could be 40 percent the size of what they are today by 2018.

“In the world of IT everything has a cascade effect and in data centers the traditional methods of design no longer work without understanding the outside forces that will have an impact on data center costs, size and longevity,” said Gartner, as quoted in

AFCOM is an association for data center professionals. According to, 358 data center managers from around the world were interviewed for the AFCOM survey. 86 percent of those respondents have annual data center budgets of less than $10 million.

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