Cooperation between CFOs and CIOs leads to cloud success

Earlier this month, the Fed Cloud Blog mentioned a survey that found chief financial officers aren’t as familiar with cloud computing as the chief information officers in their organizations.

Ann All, a blogger for IT Business Edge, says when it comes to cloud computing, CFOs and CIOs really need to work together. She says the regulatory questions that cloud could create have big implications for finance, and the two groups need to answer those questions together.

“CIOs should enlist CFOs to help spread the word that software-as-a-service will work better for everyone if IT is involved from the beginning. Of course, this will only work if IT is willing to at least consider all SaaS requests,” All says.

All even offers seven tips for CIOs who want to become partners with their CFOs:

  • Get to know them on a more personal, non-business level;
  • Help CFOs solve problems with IT solutions;
  • Speak plainly and tell CFOs how a project can improve sales or reduce costs;
  • Be thorough when submitting financial proposals to CFOs;
  • Educate yourself so you can understand your organization’s finances;
  • Be forthcoming with financial information;
  • Consider appointing an “internal CFO” for the IT department.

What’s the relationship like between CFOs and CIOs in your organization? Tell the Fed Cloud Blog!

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