3rd Annual Cloud Connect event kicks off

A who’s who in the cloud arena is taking place in Silicon Valley this week.

The third annual Cloud Connect event kicked off today at the Santa Clara Convention Center. More than 2,500 people are expected to attend.

Sessions begin tomorrow and include everything from “Attacking and Defending Cloud Computing” to “Building Trust and Compliance in the Cloud,” “How to Operate Securely Using the Cloud,” and “Cloud Regulation.”

There are 10 different tracks for conference attendees.

  • Cloud economics,
  • Cloud industry summit,
  • Cloud security,
  • Culture, risks, and governance,
  • Data and storage,
  • Design patterns,
  • DevOps and automation,
  • Future of utility computing,
  • Performance and monitoring,
  • Private clouds.

The full conference agenda can be found here. You can also search by speaker.

Keynote addresses will be available live starting at 9 a.m. PST, Tuesday, March 8, at tv.cloudconnectevent.com. (Registration is required, but it’s free.)

Follow the conference on Twitter @cloud_connect. Hashtag #ccevent or #cloudconnect.

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