Latest cloud computing news from Fed News Radio

Federal News Radio spoke with multiple guests this week about cloud computing. Read the full stories and hear the interviews by clicking on the headline links below.

Tactics for your agency’s move to the cloud

The administration’s cloud-first policy has put agencies in a spot where they need to figure out what can be moved to the cloud and how quickly it can be done. HP recently announced the launch of its Government Cloud Consulting Services. Federal News Radio spoke with HP’s U.S. Public Sector Chief Technology Officer Jeff Bergeron about what the new service offers and how agencies can take advantage of it.

Eight major changes coming to endpoint security

“Current models of endpoint security are becoming outmoded as a more diverse set of mobile and Internet-connected devices become a larger share of the market,” according to Jack Gold, founder and principal analyst at J.Gold Associates, an information technology analyst firm.

In an interview on Federal News Radio this week, Gold says over the next 3-4 years there will be a dramatic change in the way devices are protected. He believes security will stop being device-centric and start moving into networks and the cloud. Gold says, “This means a good deal of the security footprint will be behind the scenes and often invisible to the end user, and with little device impact. Some security SW will remain loaded on the device, but its imprint will be substantially diminished and will provide only basic services.”

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