Cloud computing more of a reality for businesses in 2011

Jumping on the cloud may have seemed like a dream for many large businesses some time ago. But it’s becoming more of a reality in 2011.

Large businesses – companies with 1,000 employees or more – are exploring benefits cloud computing has to offer and are looking to expand basic services to more complex infrastructure and platform cloud services, according to a recent survey from Management Insight Technologies.

More than 80 percent of large businesses in North America and Europe have at least one cloud service, according to the survey.

Researchers talked to more than 400 hundred IT professionals in North American and Europe as part of the survey.

They also found that 53 percent of IT professionals use more than six cloud services.

Many of those services include web conferencing, email, and other collaboration tools.

The study also revealed a difference in thinking between senior management and day-to-day managers. According to the study, people in senior management are the ones who are primarily advocating for public clouds. But the private cloud proponents are more likely to be the day-to-day managers.

Many businesses indicated in the survey that they will eventually deploy both public and private cloud platforms.

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