Cloud lovers converge at ‘Cloudstock’

What do you call hundreds of cloud developers stuck in a room together? Why, Cloudstock, of course.
A cloud computing technical conference – dubbed by some as “The Woodstock for Cloud Developers” took place in San Francisco this week.
Its mission was to “bring the top cloud developers and the top cloud technologies together under one roof, to learn from each other, collaborate, innovate, and drive the future of cloud computing,” according to the Cloudstock website.

The free conference sold out and featured 67 sessions, ranging from everything from understanding API activity to making money with Saas to the future of app deployment to business payments on the cloud.

Organizers live blogged throughout the day and had Tweets automatically filtering in on their site with the hashtag “cloudstock.” Cloudstock also had several demo stations, which highlighted some of the latest cloud technologies in action.

Another unique aspect of the conference was “The Cloudstock Hackathon,” which challenged developers to use their coding skills against one another and create solutions to bridge clouds.

The conference was hosted by and Cloudstock partners included Google, Amazon web services, eBay, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Adobe and Paypal. Microsoft and its cloud computing services were noticeably absent from the conference.

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