EU project to fix security holes in cloud computing

Is cloud computing a safe and private way to access data? There’s no doubt about it, security is a major concern when it comes to cloud computing.

But now, the European Union is working on a three-year project to create technical fixes and policies designed to make cloud computing a more secure option for businesses and people alike.

Cloud computing brings a range of questions about security and privacy — everything from technical to regulatory and legal aspects.

The European Union is spending $10.1 billion  – or 7.5 pounds –  on the project, known as “Trustworthy Clouds” or TClouds.

IBM is leading the project, but more than a dozen other companies and research organizations in Europe will be involved.

Research from TClouds will be published in scientific journals and organizers say proposed standards could one day be incorporated into software. However, most people won’t see the effects of the project in everyday life for the next 10 years – or more.

TClouds will also research better privacy protocols for transferring data securely and seamlessly between two different cloud computing service providers.

Developing security standards and creating open APIs – or application programming interfaces – are also objectives of TClouds.

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