Cloud services coming to, the GSA’s cloud-based storefront, will soon offer storage, virtualization and Web hosting applications to government agencies.

Vendors with an infrastructure-as-a-service contract will provide their services on the website. will alleviate the federal IT strain on storage, computing power and website hosting. The new cloud infrastructure will also eliminate the need for agencies to allocate money toward those services. Instead, the agencies will be able to use the money they saved to improve efficiency and modernization. will have an on-demand, self-service that will allow agencies to use or stop using the features according to their needs on any given day.

Vendors must complete the certification and accreditation process at the Federal Information Security Management Act Moderate Impact Data security level before their products can be offered on

Once they are approved, agencies can purchase their services through the website’s storefront.

“Cloud computing services help to deliver on this administration’s commitment to provide better value for the American taxpayer by making government more efficient,” Federal CIO Vivek Kundra said in a written statement.

Kundra says cloud computing helps to reduce the cost of government operations and also drives innovation across the federal government.

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