NASA Goddard CIO discusses cloud as a priority

Adrian Gardner has been the chief information officer at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center for 10 months. Federal News Radio’s Jason Miller spoke with Gardner recently about his priorities for the agency.

Gardner says one of his goals is to understand the needs of the scientific community.

If you look at computing here at Goddard and the vision I have — all the way from looking at the desktop and possibly virtualizing the desktop; then almost to a virtualized data center; then looking at cloud and cloud computing and how that plays in; and then looking at high-performance computing and high-end computing — that whole range now represents what the scientist probably would need to actually fulfill their daily tasks.

What we’re trying to do as an organization in concert with [NASA] Ames and Linda [Cureton] and her staff at headquarters, looking at both cloud and other desktop capabilities, is really trying to understand across the board what are the attributes that make each one of those environments the right environment for that particular task. And then, beginning to educate the scientists and engineers, as well as our own staffs, about what kind of things should we run in those various environments in such a way as they’d be optimized in those environments.

We’re very much looking at that whole range of compute, drawing a circle around that, and saying, ‘that then is scientific mission computing for Goddard and potentially for NASA as a construct.’

As for what vendors, especially those interested in cloud computing, should know about working with his office? Gardner says he’s creating a new position that will deal with emerging technologies like cloud and social media. More info on this as we get it!

Hear Jason Miller’s entire interview with Gardner by clicking the audio link above.

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