Capitol Hill looks at cloud

And now, your weekly cloud news round up!

  • Federal agencies are moving into the cloud, but what does the legislative branch think of this? Rep. Edolphus Towns (D.-N.Y.), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, recently held a hearing about the issue. Federal CIO Vivek Kundra and Greg Wilshusen, director of Information Security Issues at the GAO, both gave testimony about the issue. Fed Cloud Blog will bring you details next week.
  • IBM has reached a deal with the European Union on cloud. PCWorld reports that a consortium will be established to research new cloud-computing models to reduce the cost of hosting and maintaining Internet-based services.
  • Microsoft is cutting hundreds of jobs worldwide as it plans to create new cloud-focused positions down the road. TechFlash is reporting that many of the cuts are going to happen in marketing departments. Some, but not all, employees are expected to apply for other jobs within the company.
  • Cloud-based email is becoming the new battleground, apparently. Newsweek reports that companies like Microsoft, Google and others are increasingly pushing to have their customers move email services into the cloud.
  • What should you ask your cloud provider, now that you have decided to make the move? ReadWriteCloud recently posted 12 questions that all IT managers should posit — or, at least, consider — before hiring a service provider. Check them out!

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