Friday cloud news round up: Cloud becoming more popular globally

Today in your cloud news round up:

  • Red Hat has released several new cloud computing tools in what it calls its Cloud Foundation: Edition One. The Inquirer reports that the company said its customers can build private clouds using Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization or VMware ESX Server. They can run and manage their own cloud datacentres or use Red Hat certified public cloud services like Amazon EC2. Customers can also use Red Hat’s open source interoperable cloud architecture so they won’t be tied to a single cloud computing service provider’s stack. Red Hat claims Edition One is the first of several cloud offerings that will give its customers everything they’ll need to build and manage a private cloud software infrastructure.
  • Two men who led one element of’s successful cloud-computing services have launched their own a start-up called Nimbula to focus on a private version of the technology, Cnet News reports. Cloud computing takes several forms, but Amazon Web Services generally delivers building blocks available over the Internet that developers can use to construct their own higher-level services. Nimbula, in contrast, focuses more on a “private cloud” approach geared for companies building their own computing services based on a similar but in-house approach.
  • Cloud computing is growing in popularity. According to Manufacturing Computing Solutions, worldwide cloud services revenues are being forecast to reach a staggering $68.3 billion this year, a 16.6% increase from 2009 revenues. That prediction comes from analyst Gartner, which believes the industry is poised for very strong growth right through to 2014, as cloud computing and cloud services increase in popularity.
  • And Lew Tucker, the former VP of cloud computing at Sun Microsystems, has been named the chief technology officer of cloud at Cisco. has the details.

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