Friday cloud news round up

This week on the Friday cloud news round up:

  • You don’t need a cloud strategy. Randy Heffner, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research blogs about this in PC World. He argues that cloud might be important in the future, but creating a “cloud strategy” might not be necessary. He says CIOs should focus on business strategy, not IT strategy, and cloud should be just one part of an overall model.
  • Cloud is making a difference, albeit a small one. The largest representation of mini-cloud computing is small- and mid-sized businesses using commercial versions of Google Mail, Google Apps and other ad hoc or low-cost cloud-based applications. That according to an interview in NetworldWorld, which says that cloud’s greatest impact so far has been in focused, often small projects.
  • And, should cloud computing be more regulated? reports that IT research firm Ovum recently wrote a report about why there needs to be rules that govern cloud. It says that, “the benefits of the cloud — lower costs, a smaller data-center footprint and immediate access to multiple applications for a distributed, international workforce with minimal fuss — are also some things that can expose companies to degrees of risk.”

    Check back next week when we talk with Terremark and much more!

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