Army Experience Center tests cloud solutions

Today on your Friday cloud news round up:

  • The U.S. Army is looking at cloud computing at its Army Experience Center (AEC), located in Philadelphia, PA. To make the center more user friendly they chose a cloud computing solution from to manage recruiting efforts. With the new system, the Army is able to track recruits as they participate in multiple simulations at the Army Experience Center. The solution integrates directly with e-mail and Facebook, allowing recruiters to connect with participants more dynamically after they leave the Army Experience Center. By using’s mobile solution, Army recruiters can access recruit information from anywhere.
  • What does the future hold for cloud computing? The Pew Internet & American Life project recently conducted a survey about whether or not most people will be doing business in the cloud by 2020. The survey results are based on a non-random online sample of 895 internet experts and other internet users. Read the survey here.
  • People in Plano, Texas, know technology. The suburb is located north of Dallas, and is moving into the cloud. Yes, the entire city. Government Technology reports that Plano is transitioning to a cloud-based solution for e-mail, Web conferencing, online collaboration and other communication tools. It’s also switching to a new management tool for virtual environments. The goal is to integrate various systems across the enterprise – and gain significant cost-savings.
  • Cloud computing does still have weaknesses, and security isn’t even one of the top threats. That’s according to a recent post on InformationWeek’s ‘Plug into the Cloud’ blog. Author John Soat says performance and ROI top the list.

Next week – We hear from ScienceLogic about a new survey they did regarding cloud computing!

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