Continuous monitoring of cloud facilities problematic

NASA is just one federal agency looking at cloud computing, as we’ve told you before here at the Fed Cloud Blog.

That agency’s deputy CIO Jerry Davis says, while cloud does appear to be working for them, there are still unknowns that have to be worked out, mainly when it comes to continuous monitoring of cloud facilities.

“That’s one of those gaps that we’ve been talking about. Today we more or less have waived this responsibility of continuous monitoring as it relates to the cloud. We do see legislation coming forward that talks about automated continuous monitoring of contractor systems, and maybe those that you don’t own, but that are processing your data. I believe that DHS is working very closely with OMB and the agencies to determine the best way to do that. So, we know that that’s a significant gap for us, but we are also working on a security strategy on how we mitigate that. It’s going to take us a little time to get there. We can’t do it all up front, but we figure that 70 percent of something is better than 100 percent of nothing.”

Hear more of Davis’ conversation about overall cybersecurity at NASA here.

And in other news:

  • NASA CIO Linda Cureton is eager to move beyond pilot testing of cloud computing and begin using cloud services in support of NASA’s mission. InformationWeek reports that with its Nebula cloud computing environment, NASA has been an early adopter of the cloud model among government agencies and businesses. Nebula was launched as a pilot project at NASA’s Ames Research Center in 2007, and it’s now being expanded to the agency’s Goddard Space Flight Center.
  • Cloud computing is the Office of Management and Budget’s signature technology imperative. But the long term vision of how the government will use the utility model for storage, computing or processing has been vague. Federal chief information officer Vivek Kundra has offered a few paths such as data center consolidation or the development of, but a broad strategy has been missing. Federal News Radio reports that Kundra and the CIO Council released a “where are we now” report on cloud computing that can now serve as that future roadmap.
  • What’s stopping CFOs putting their money on cloud computing? is asking that question. Many CFOs in the private sector have yet to move sensitive information into any type of cloud, even though they are already using secure clouds for other functions, like data analysis. It seems that there are still a lot of challenges out there, and the article outlines them for us.

  • And speaking of lists, Computerworld has a list of 8 ways to measure cloud ROI. Read on for more details.

One Response to Continuous monitoring of cloud facilities problematic

  1. Cathy says:

    This is a news to me. I read that Pentagon is getting into cloud environment (I even tweet about it :)), but NASA is also doing I didn’t have the idea. With the participation these kind of Govt organization, Cloud will definitely going to be most happening place to explore.

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