NASA examines the move to the cloud; Vint Cerf speaks on standards

NASA has a new CIO, and she, like many federal CIOs, is looking at whether or not cloud computing would be a good fit at her agency.

Linda Cureton recently spoke on Federal News Radio’s Daily Debrief about a variety of topics, and now Fed Cloud Blog brings you her thoughts on looking at the cloud.

“The thing that we need to look at is — what needs to happen with the survey. It could be that the server is just fine where it is. It could be that, or it could be — that server is putting out a lot of heat and using a lot of energy — there’s a more cost effective way to do that. So, if we’re going to, say, take someone’s server away, what are we going to give them? We talk about taking things away, but we need to talk about what you get [from] it. Cloud computing is not a silver bullet, but in many respects it can give that person that’s hogging the server a whole lot more capabilities than they would have if they just had the thing heating their feet under their desk. So, sometimes it makes sense to go status quo, and sometimes and end user — a customer — can get a whole lot more from exploiting technologies like cloud. What we have to do is understand what that is and have a strategy about exploiting it.”

And . . . What do 2010 and 1973 have in common?


On this week’s Federal Tech Talk, host John Gilroy talks about the emerging cloud standards with Vint Cerf of Google. He explains that, back in 1973, networking standards were emerging — and many lessons about cloud standards can be learned by comparing and contrasting.

Listen to the whole show and get the low-down from the “father of the Internet”!

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