Red Hat works in Deltacloud for improved solutions

A lot of CIOs are looking at cloud computing right now, but what’s best for them?

Red Hat is one company working to answer this question. They’re currently working on an open source cloud project called Deltacloud.

Gunnar Hellekson is chief technology strategist for Red Hat’s U.S. Public Sector Group and explains why they’re doing what they’re doing.

“In talking about standards and standards that emerge from working code, one of the projects that Red Hat is working on, which I think is really interesting and will probably be really interesting to government customers is Deltacloud.

“This is a means of providing a single, common interface to multiple cloud providers. You can have a single pane of glass that will be able to work with VMware cloud products, that will work with Red Hat cloud products, that will work with Amazon, and so on. This . . . is kind of a first step towards providing the kind of interoperability that customers are asking for — and also that these standards bodies are seeking.

“I think that it’s significant that this Deltacloud Project, which is already very, very successful, is actually done as an open source project. So, rather than having a single company try and guess at or work with a bunch of these cloud providers as new cloud providers come online, they can simply plug in their own code to this open source project and have it automatically work with everybody else.

“So, Deltacloud is kind of an exciting catalyst for the cooperation that we’re going to need in order to make cloud computing work.”

Hear more from Hellekson next week — and learn about how you can use open source for your cloud project.

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