Friday cloud news round up

This week in your cloud news round up:

  • The Brookings Institution recently held an event about cloud computing. Federal Chief Technology Officer Vivek Kundra gave a speech about the importance of cloud and why the federal government is moving toward this new technology. The topic? A Fiscally Smart Move. Click on the link to see video of the event.
  • Not everyone remains convinced, however. A recent survey from ISACA, an Illinois-based IT education group, and says that nearly half of the IT managers who took part in the survey think the risks outshine the benefits. reports that this underscores one of the biggest challenges facing cloud computing — winning over risk-adverse tech execs.
  • In addition to concerns about security, some in the IT world have voice frustrations about cloud’s lack of standards, which they say makes it difficult to work in. Computerworld reports that, while cloud is a booming business, it is also facing many pitfalls as more and more look at its adoption.
  • There’s a new advisory board in town that could help federal agencies that are wary about security in the cloud. The joint authorization board and creates a new way for giving government-wide approval to cloud applications for all federal agencies. GCN reports that the new board will consist of senior executives from DoD, GSA, DHS, as well as technical staffs from each of those agencies.
  • Should all enterprise software operate like Facebook? CEO Marc Benioff thinks so. InformationWeek reports that Benioff touted what he’s calling ‘cloud 2’ at a recent event in New York. He said he plans to roll out an app called ‘Chatter’, a service that operates much like Facebook and which will be available to all of SalesForce’s 75,000 customers.

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