CPSC examines cloud carefully

Is the Consumer Product Safety Commission looking at cloud computing technologies?

That’s the question we asked CPSC CIO Patrick Weddle:

“We [do] look at those things.

One thing about being a very small agency is, it’s never good to be out on the leading edge of technology. It’s a good thing, not a bad thing. So, when we look at those, we drop back a little bit and let some other folks figure out the best way to do it, best practices, that kind of thing, and then we embrace them.

So, on things like cloud computing — it’s a fantastic idea. It has a lot of potential. We have talked about looking at moving some of our back office work out there — and some other things.

The thin client, obviously, has some intrigue for us because our field organization — we have over 100 folks in the field as investigators and compliance officers and some import surveillance people, so we have to support those folks. What we want to be able to do is help them, through some kind of Web environment, just to be more efficient. It really is just that simple — and to make it easier for us to support, on the back end, to reduce some infrastructure.

So that’s when we start to look at those type of technologies. It is fair to say we’re looking at them all the time, but not on the bleeding edge.”

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