This Friday is cloud white paper day!

This Friday, we bring you a plethora of white papers!

First, a question from Matthew Edwards, Chief Technology Officer at bluesource — is cloud ready for you? Click here to register and read the paper itself — or here to read a summary from

If you need an enterprise-oriented view of cloud, we suggest A Short Introduction to Cloud Platforms by David Chappell.

Dell is offering up a paper on consolidation and moving to the cloud. It’s on, so you’ll have to register, but the paper discusses why you need to do your research before moving to virtual servers.

What about security? RSA has lots of info for you in their document, The Role of Security in Trustworthy Cloud Computing. The paper discusses security in public clouds. You’ll have to register — and can do that through eSecurity Planet.

Come back next week when we bring you info on a new cloud security working group for members of the public and private sectors!

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