Qwest’s new cybercenter has solid COOP plan

The Fed Cloud Blog has been talking with Diana Gowan, senior vice president and general manager at Qwest Government Systems, Inc., about their new cybercenter in Virginia.

Today we continue our conversation and talk about Qwest’s COOP plans at its new center, as well as the existing ones, especially in the wake of all of those power outages that occurred during the February blizzard.

Diana Gowan: I think of [COOP] as sort of standard procedure in all of the Qwest data centers anyway, in that you expect that customers wan absolute, almost 100 percent assurance. So, you need to have two separate power grids — or power companies — that you’re being serviced by, as well as having all kinds of backup generators and up systems — those are very typical in our data centers. Of course, we have the same sort of capability in this one.

FCB: What about your service level agreements? Maybe you can go into some detail about what agencies can expect?

DG: Service Level Agreements are sort of in the eye of the beholder, as I’ve seen, throughout my government experience. That is, different customers have different expectations, and I think they expect all of us to be very flexible — and when they make a request, that we are able to align ourselves and our capabilities up to their requests, instead of offering cookie cutter solutions. I think that’s one of the differentiators for Qwest. We are pretty agile and willing to work with customers on exactly what they want in their SLA’s.

FCB: Anything we might have missed that you’d like to add?

DG: Well, stay tuned. We have now offered infrastructure-as-a-service announcements and, pretty soon, you’ll see software-as-a-service announcements coming from Qwest.

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