SpringCM, enterprise content management & the cloud

Today, Fed Cloud Blog brings you the first of a three part series with SpringCM, a company that specalizes in document management and workflow by providing SaaS enterprise content management.

FCB talked with Roger Bottum, vice president of marketing for SpringCM, and Steve Maier, vice president and general manager of the government solutions division at the company.

Bottum began by explaining that his company delivers what they call “high impact cloud solutions for documents in motion”.

We are a cloud solution for enterprise content management applications.

Our customers are typically implementing applications that involve content and document management applications, like case management, claims processing, bids and proposals — and some applications like correspondence management in the government, freedom of information act requests, those kinds of things.

Typically, [our customers] use what we do to help streamline inefficient document processes. . . . It’s really all about creating efficiency, driving down costs, increasing productivity and, in particular, what the cloud solution does is allow us to deliver, in days, what otherwise might take months or years to do at a fraction of the cost of traditional, on premise solutions.

Maier said what he finds interesting is that the federal government has really jumped on the bandwagon in terms of cloud over the past year or so.

With Vivek Kundra’s launch at FOSE last year and the introduction of the cloud storefront Apps.gov — all of those things are moving in the right direction, in my mind, for the government to do more in adopting cloud.

They do have a lot of work to do and we’re working to try to line up our product offering with what the government needs going forward.

I’ve been dealing with the government for 30 years. . . . The government is interesting because, given the size of their procurements and the things that they do, they’re a little hamstrung by the procurement process.

I don’t think there’s a shortfall in desire, but the procurement process is very much tuned to the status quo.

So, they have a hard time being nimble on the procurement side being able to switch gears and move to something like cloud.

For example, they’re very good at buying hard software packages and negotiating very large software purchases that they’re going to deploy internally.

Doing something similar with SaaS, which is not necessarily an asset purchase anymore, but is now a subscription service, requires that they reprogram their procurement process so it works more like FTS2000 than it does GSA Schedule 70.

That’s going to take them some time, because all of the things that they buy around telecomunication service has, bundled in it, all of those service level agreements [and] everything else.

So, I think that’s going to be their challenge over the next 12 to 24 months in trying to meet the government’s objectives in steering the IT organizations towards cloud.

Come back next week for more with SpringCM! Also, check back Friday when we bring you a cloud news roundup!

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