OPM deploys cloud solution to keep site running during blizzard

By now, Fed Cloud Blog hopes you’ve dug out of all of the massive snow this area saw during the last week.

Many businesses and governments were closed for all or part of the week — including the federal government — and FCB got the chance to chat with Office of Personnel Management Director John Berry about how he used cloud computing during the blizzard.

Yes, cloud.

OPM’s Web site got bombarded by feds who wanted to know whether or not they had to show up for work.

Director Berry said visits to the site this past week broke records, and OPM used cloud computing solutions to keep the site running.

“On average, we about 100,000 to 200,000 hits a day. Just in an hour [one] night, we had 1.8 million hits. This is a classic case of the power of teleworking, though.

When our system crashed Sunday night, our chief information officer and the CIO over at GSA put their heads together and came up with an incredibly creative solution using cloud computing so that we could share the load, if you will, with a lot of other computer networks.

We didn’t go down [after that]. . . . We didn’t crash once. It’s a real testament — and they did that all long distance.”

One Response to OPM deploys cloud solution to keep site running during blizzard

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