DISA building on what’s already been done in terms of cloud

Last week, AFCEA held its monthly luncheon in Arlington.

January’s topic was DISA 2010 and Beyond.

Anthony Montemarano is the Component Acquisition Executive at DISA and was one of the panelists.

After the lunch, Fed Cloud Blog caught up with him to chat a little bit about where DISA is going in terms of purchasing cloud services.

Fed Cloud Blog: From the acquisition perspective, is there anything that you guys are doing? Are you looking at cloud in any new ways, or is it more going down the same path?

Anthony Montemarano: You’re not going to see a cloud computing contract. Just like you see forge.mil — that’s cloud computing. Same thing with RACE. Even [the] Global Content Delivery Service. That facilitates cloud.

It’s going to be components that are forming the cloud. You’re not going to see a Web 2.0 solicitation from us. You might see social networking.

You’re not going to see anything from us [in terms of a contract], but those components may contribute to the cloud solution.

FCB: Obviously, there’s a lot of work going on. GSA with Apps.gov — the idea of IaaS, SaaS, PaaS — is that a path you guys are going down at all? Or is your focus really going to be about cloud being part of the bigger solution that meets the mission?

AM: The cloud is part of the bigger solution, but as far as those specifics, it’s going to be on a case-by-case basis. Remember what I say, and I’ll say it again — if GSA is doing it, why am I going to do it?

I will tell you as the acquisition executive at DISA, we are going to exploit what’s already been done. If they’ve done it already, let’s keep going with it.

I wish I could exploit what industry has for collaboration.

Why do I want to get something special? Well, it turns out what they have doesn’t quite make it; it has to be different.

I want to take what’s available.

I want to get out of the software writing mode. That’s no fun anymore.

Later this week — a conversation with Google Federal!

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