Feds share best practices about the cloud

Listen to the whole interview:

As you probably know by now, the federal Chief Information Officers Council has formed a Cloud Computing Advisory Council in the hopes of eliminating confusion about cloud computing.

Pete Tseronis, is deputy associate CIO with the Energy Department and co-chairman of the panel. He recently talked with the Federal Cloud Blog during a lunch hosted by AFFIRM and told us more about who’s participating right now.

“Specifically, [the panel’s goal] is to provide federal agency input and feedback for cloud computing initiatives and directives, support the cloud computing PMO and it’s subcommittees with federal subject matter expertise, cross functional collaboration and to approve cloud computing deliverables for submission to the executive steering committee. That’s our mission.

“But, we’re made up of a mixed bag. We’ve got senior executives, we’ve got Gs-15’s, 14’s, 13’s and 12’s; folks from large and small agencies; we’ve got membership that was required by OMB through the CIO Council [that says] the individuals representing your agency must be an enterprise architecture type who understands the business of IT, as well as an IT operations type. Those two shall meet. If they’re not talking today, they’re going to be talking through the council.”

The point of the meetings is to share information and best practices.

To hear the entire interview with Tseronis, click on the audio link at the top of the page.

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