FedScoop! to host Cloud Computing Shoot Out

Hear Goldy Kamali talk more about FedScoop! and the Shoot Out.

Have you heard that FedScoop! is hosting a Cloud Computing Shoot Out?

It’s coming up on Dec. 8 from 8 a.m. – 11 a.m. at the Newseum here in D.C.

Today, FCB talks with Goldy Kamali, founder and President of FedScoop! She tells us what it’s all about, who’s going to be there, and why you should attend.

“We decided to go ahead and do a series of events around the five pillars that federal CIO Vivek Kundra had outlined as priorities. We did our first event on October 14 at the Newseum and basically brought together executives in the White House and a lot of the federal CIO’s and CTO’s and decision-makers to talk about lowering the cost of government with technology.”

Since one of the topics was cloud computing, Kamali says a follow-up even was definetly in order; thus, the Shoot Out.

“There were so many interesting discussions that came as a result of that initial panel afterwards — and I noticed that there was so much controversy around cloud computing — who does what, who’s the leading provider, who’s FISMA compliant, who can be FISMA compliant. There were just so many question marks and so many rumors and unclear facts around cloud computing, that I had a meeting with Vivek Kundra and asked him — do you think it would be beneficial to clear the air on cloud computing?”

So . . . Kundra will be moderating the event — and Kamali says this will help everyone in the federal sphere.

“It’s basically — let’s all get on the same page and clear all of the question marks and really figure out who’s doing what, who has some best practices, who has some real-life experiences within the agencies that they can share and who really has the leading solutions.”

It’s important to hold the event — and more important for people to attend — because cloud computing is such a growing area in federal IT, Kamali explains.

But it’s also about money and the bottom line.

“[It is] a growing area within agency spending. In 2010, there’s going to be a significant jump in the budgets for implementing cloud solutions in agencies and, I think, by 2011, the dollar amount that’s being spent right now is going to double. . . . So, there’s a lot of opportunity.”

To attend, register here. It’s free if you’re a government employee — but hurry, because Kamali says spots are filling up quickly.

To listen to our entire interview with Kamali, click on the audio link at the top of the page.

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