FCB goes to the Executive Leadership Conference

The Executive Leadership Conference took place in Williamsburg, Va., over the past couple of days — and Fed Cloud Blog was there.

Federal CIO Vivek Kundra was there — and talked about a number of topics, including the fact that the federal government has seemed to have accumulated a large number of data centers over the years.

(Read more from WFED’s Jason Miller here.)

FCB cares because Kundra said that one of the long-term solutions for this problem involves cloud computing.

“We need to be able to dynamically allocate resources as we serve the American people through various applications.”

So, is there a cloud computing Line of Business in the future? Kundra said, not really, but the federal government did release a cloud computing strategy, which was released back with Apps.gov in September.

Overall, it seems that the federal government is, for now, taking small steps when it comes to moving into the cloud.

FCB will bring you more info from ELC as it comes back into the newsroom all this week.

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