In Case You Missed It: Cloud Stories from earlier in September

The Fed Cloud Blog is fairly new; Federal News Radio just launched it a few weeks ago.

But cloud news, as you know, is not new.

We’ve been covering the topic for awhile now.

In a segment called New Ideas for Government, Carolyn Purcell, director in the State and Local Government (SLG) sub-vertical consulting practice within a global Public Sector industry vertical, wrote an interesting post about the various advantages offered by moving into the cloud.

One of the most significant opportunities for the public sector in cloud computing is the ability to share information and technology resource among multiple agencies. While governments have tried hard to create frameworks geared toward shared services, these have not always been very successful. Cloud computing offers an easier and less burdensome route to more efficient and effective public sector information management. This may be especially true for developing countries that do not have the technology, skilled personnel, or resource to create world-class IT infrastructures.

You can read the whole article here.

Also, on the Daily Debrief, Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris spoke with two major players in the federal cloud computing world: Google and SalesForce.

You can read my entire article here.

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